Ann Arbor leads the state of Michigan in solar installations – and we love that! One way that many Ann Arbor residents are going solar is with “group buy solar programs” such as the community bulk-buy Solarize. Undoubtedly, these programs have positively contributed to Michigan’s renewable energy transformation.


Group buy solar programs are great. The Solarize program is a good thing! However, navigating through the complexities of group buys and choosing the right solar installation agency can be daunting for many homeowners. This is where Stellar Solar steps in, providing a more streamlined, concise, and affordable solar installation experience.


At Stellar Solar, we offer an easier and more affordable way to go solar. We offer an individual experience at equal or less cost than group buy programs like Solarize! We are Michigan’s most experienced solar and battery installer since 1998. All we ask is that you include us in your search. We think you will like our style.

What is the Solarize Program

The Solarize program, powered by the City of Ann Arbor’s A2ZERO carbon neutrality plan, uses the concept of collective buying, enabling significant savings for residents. The program teams up with local and regional solar installers and Michigan Saves’ green bank, promoting financing for green upgrades like solar installations.

Michigan Solution: Stellar Solar

While the Solarize program and similar initiatives like A2ZERO and Michigan Saves offer practical options, there is room for an easier and more personalized solar installation experience. Stellar Solar provides the same access to solar energy, at an equal or lesser cost, minus the hassle and red tape associated with group buys. 

As Michigan’s most experienced solar and battery installer since 1998, we can match or beat your Solarize quote while offering a bespoke solution for you. Whether it’s a solar-only project or a solar plus battery storage installation, we aim for excellence in service and satisfaction in results. Go solar in Michigan with Stellar Solar!

Setting Stellar Standards

At Stellar Solar, we believe in enabling homeowners to actively participate in the renewable energy revolution without breaking the bank or becoming wrapped up in the complexities of a group buy scheme. Tailoring solutions to meet individual needs, Stellar Solar ensures your solar project receives the one-on-one attention it deserves. We offer a suite of solar services that channel the best of bulk-buying programs without all of the red tape.

Since our inception in 1998, we have upheld deep roots within the Michigan community. As staunch supporters of public radio initiatives, we have shared our expertise and encouraged countless Michigan residents to switch to solar power. We proudly present multiple options for residents wishing to make the transition to solar energy, with a promise to meet or surpass every quote you receive from comparable entities in the field.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, (aka the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit) is an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) designed to boost investments in renewable energy. This has been extended to 2034, and covers costs related to solar energy equipment and its installation. 

The amount qualified for the Solar Tax Credit depends on the total expenditure on your solar project and its completion date. The ITC can reduce your income tax liability by allowing you to use a portion of your solar power system’s cost as an income tax credit. Tax savings from an average solar installation could reach up to $7,500.

The exact percentage of your solar system cost that you can claim as a credit varies depending on the year your system was activated:

Michigan Solar Battery Installation

We provide a comprehensive range of options including premium products like Tesla PowerWall and Enphase batteries.

These sophisticated solutions serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they aid in offsetting the costs associated with Time-Of-Use charges by making self-consumption feasible. This simply means that you can store surplus solar energy during peak production times and use it when electricity costs are high, potentially resulting in significant savings.

Secondly, as power outages become increasingly common, these battery systems serve as a reliable fallback, ensuring that your home remains functional and safe. It’s reassuring to know that you can count on your solar battery backup to keep the lights on when the grid fails, and keep your family comfortable and secure, even during peak periods when electricity prices escalate.

Whether you already own a robust solar system and are now contemplating adding a backup battery, or if you are in the preliminary stages of establishing a fresh solar setup, Stellar Solar is ready to assist. Leveraging our in-depth expertise in renewable energy, we aim to ease and enrich your journey towards a more sustainable, self-reliant, and cost-effective energy lifestyle in Michigan.

Going Solar in Michigan

Choosing Stellar Solar is choosing the peace of mind that comes with working with an installer knowledgeable about the local community, its energy needs, and the individualized attention each solar installation project deserves. Stellar Solar is here to ensure that Ann Arbor residents play their part without compromise. With our seamless customer service and a commitment to meeting or beating quotes, we make the climate-friendly decision of installing solar panels at your home an easy choice.

In conclusion, when you’re ready to embrace solar power in Ann Arbor, we invite you to include us in your search. We save you the trouble of group buying, delivering the same, if not lower, quotes without the hassle of bulk buying. 

Contact Stellar Solar today and experience Michigan’s most experienced solar and battery installer in action!