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About Stellar Solar Michigan

Headquartered in Royal Oak with a satellite office in Suttons Bay, Stellar Solar Michigan combines 25 years of rooftop and ground mount solar – plus battery storage experience for homes and businesses, making us the most experienced solar installer in the state. Our leadership team has an extensive history in Michigan and more combined solar knowledge and experience than any solar management team in the state. We were born, raised and own homes in Michigan, and have lived in urban, suburban and rural areas, so we know the nuances and the challenges for solar in all those environments. We have been union surveyors, electrical engineers, snowmobile manufacturers, hunters, first-mates, Great Lakes surfers, marketers, and radio show hosts in the state, so we have a pulse on the diverse demographics and the work ethic that makes Michigan great. It’s that combined knowledge along with our unmatched track record, that makes Stellar a trustworthy resource who will present all your solar and battery storage options in an educated, no-pressure manner, and ensure your satisfaction with the installation, activation, and monitoring of your solar investment.

The July, 2023 cover story in Energy Business Review features Stellar Solar Michigan once again taking a leadership position in the next phase of the solar and battery storage revolution. Our executive team and solar evangelist Bill Walton detail how they are now helping homeowners in Michigan and California maximize their returns by off-setting peak and off-peak rates through a combination of solar and battery storage – buying energy when prices are low and selling when prices are high by giving customers the tools they need to maximize their investments and help control their energy future. It’s a great read if you are thinking about residential home solar in Michigan or just curious how it works. 

Stellar Solar Michigan CEO Kent Harle details the Stellar differentiators that are the foundation of our 24 years of powering homes and businesses. Solar and battery storage is relatively new to many Michigan homeowners and we have more experience than any other provider in the state…over 15,000 installations and 5,000 batteries installed.

Stellar Solar Michigan Founding Partner Brian Grems details the revolutionary new Tesla Powerwall 3 and how it can help Michigan homeowners power and protect their home against frequent power outages. This groundbreaking battery has a built-in inverter and enough power to keep an entire home running during an outage. 

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