There’s no place quite like home. 

Although Stellar Solar has been installing solar in the San Diego area since 1998, a large portion of the team is originally from the great state of Michigan.

With many of our team members choosing to come back home, we are commencing operations in our home state with the goal of bringing solar energy to our beloved Great Lakes state. 

You might be wondering – is Michigan actually a good state for solar panels? Isn’t it snowy and rainy for half of the year? You will be surprised to hear that Michigan’s climate actually creates more voltage per sunlight hour than hotter states down south such as Arizona, California, or Florida. 

How? Solar panels perform much better in colder temperatures. Thus, despite the fact that Michigan has slightly less peak hours of sunlight per day – it still gets more bang for the buck during the sunlight hours. 

Why Stellar Solar in Michigan

So – why should a Michigander choose Stellar Solar? Part of the reason is our stellar track record in both residential and commercial solar power. Our company generates new business primarily from the referrals of happy customers. In fact, we were just voted (yet again) Best Solar Company in San Diego by happy citizens and customers across southern California.

It’s massively important to work with a company that has a track-record and longevity that you can count on. During our 24 years in operation, the majority of our competitors have gone out of business! Funny enough, our service department is booming with business these days largely in part because we serve the customers of our former competitors.

But don’t take our word for it. We have 500+ 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and other websites such as Angie’s List. Naturally, we encourage you to read the reviews and see what real people are saying about us! Check out our YouTube channel to view many of our installations and interviews with dozens of our happy customers. 

We can install solar on virtually every type of roof and are also one of America’s leading ground mount solar installers. If you have land adjacent to your home, our state-of-the-art ground mount systems are an excellent option. 

Did you know that ground mount solar systems in Michigan are perfect for utilizing your land without affecting your home’s design or structure? They are also perfect if you have extra space that isn’t suitable for other purposes such as gardening. At Stellar Solar, we have installed ground mounts on every type of estate, rural property, hillside, farms, and even vineyards. 

Commercial Solar in Michigan

At Stellar Solar we have installed bespoke commercial solar projects across the United States since 1998. We have completed projects for many high profile customers including Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Salk Institute, Loyola University, Scripps Ranch High School, Cedars-Sinai, San Diego Cardiac Center, City of Anaheim, US Foods, and many more.

Thus far, we have commenced commercial solar installations in Michigan. We have a strong track record with commercial installations ranging in scope from 7kW to greater than 1MW. Our team of finance, grant, tax credit and incentive specialists are onboard to help you every step of the way. 

We’ve done it all in the commercial solar game. We’ve installed solar for churches, apartment complexes, parking lot solar canopies, non-profit organizations, commercial ground mounts, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, office buildings, and many more. If you have an idea – we can probably make it happen! 

Energy Independence: Becoming Your Own Electrical Utility

As most Americans have realized, rising electricity and gas prices are now a fact of life. It’s a fact of life unless you take the solar route. What’s nice about getting solar in 2022, is that obtaining it isn’t quite as cost prohibitive like it once was. 

  1. Michigan Solar Financing Options: These days there are many financing options for people who want solar for no money down. This means that you can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill immediately!


  2. Tax Benefits of Solar: There are some significant tax benefits for Michigan homeowners who go solar. In fact, the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit can save serious money on a tax bill. For example, a $30,000 solar installation equates to $7,800 in tax savings aone!


  3. Combining Solar with a Battery and EV: If you get a home battery or electric car to complement your solar installation, it is possible to live your entire life powered by the sunshine. It’s almost insane to imagine that in Michigan – but it’s 100% possible! Many of our customers have saved $100,000+ dollars because they eliminated their gas and electricity bills. It’s simple math!


When you go solar – you become your own power utility. Plus, you are no longer subjected to endlessly rising electricity costs. One of our customers, the Norby family, purchased a solar installation from us in 2008. They haven’t gone to a gas station in years. 

Their license plate frame spectacularly states that “My gas is our sun” and they use their solar installation to power their home and electric vehicles. Peder Norby designed their home to use energy efficiently so their solar panels provide above and beyond their total electricity usage.

With a Michigan solar installation on your home – you can become a utility. You can determine your future and save money doing it! That is why we encourage you to consider Stellar Solar, we can happily design and install a solar system that is customized to your needs and specifications.

Independence is a fundamental virtue for Michiganders and America as a whole. The desire to not be controlled by anyone – government or otherwise. We believe in hard work and self-reliance. That is why it’s a shame that Michiganers are sleeping on solar energy: one of the most independent and American things you can get. We call on all Michiganders – claim your energy independence today and contact us at Stellar Solar!

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We can guide you every step of the way.